Coldstream® Max. Model: S10-CS-Max – Ceramic Cartridge Water Filter Element– High Performance and Affordable

The Coldstream® Max Ceramic Cartridge Water Filter Element is an all-in-1 filter which removes harmful bacteria & waterborne cysts, reduces fluoride, chemicals & dissolved heavy metals.

  • Self-sterilising. Can be cleaned and reused many times
  • Saves Space.  No need for a second-stage filter to reduce fluoride
  • For fast-flow applications in water coolers, drinking fountains and ice-making machines
  • Operating Temperature Range:  5℃ to 70℃

Model: S10-CS-Max (UK)

This is the Ceramic Cartridge Water Filter Element, a Replacement Part for the following Water Filter Cartridge Housing Models:

  • S10-HSE-B (UK): Coldstream® Standard 10″ Cartridge Housing (Blue)
  • Standard 10″ Cartridge Housings


Ceramic Cartridge Water Filter Element by Coldstream® – High Performance and Affordable

We are the Singapore distributor of Coldstream UK water filters.

Coldstream UK manufactures a range of ceramic water filters using specially developed manufacturing techniques and unique ceramic formulas to create products that are the most effective at removing the widest range of contaminants found in water supplies.

Coldstream UK uses the latest analytical techniques to study and analyse the performance characteristics of our ceramics. The knowledge and expertise gained by using this equipment has also given us the capability to microengineer our filters for maximum efficiency.

Stringent quality control procedures ensure that all Coldstream water filters consistently deliver and perform to the highest manufacturing standards.

Ceramic Cartridge Water Filter Element Filtering Process

Coldstream tap water filters operate by diverting the cold water flow through a filter housing, passing through one of our ceramic filters and back out through a tap or faucet. The filtering process occurs as water is drawn from the tap and is on demand, so there is no storage of the filtered water anywhere in the system.

Coldstream manufacture a range of independently tested ceramic tap water filters to effectively remove contaminants from drinking water, leaving behind just the essential salts and electrolytes, which help give the water its taste.

To remove the contaminants we have used our experience and knowledge of the very latest filtration technologies, combined with the best materials available, to engineer a range of multi-layered ceramic filters that will guarantee the safety and quality of your drinking water.


Ceramic Cartridge Water Filter Element by Coldstream®

We make the very highest standard of drinking water filtration systems and purifiers, capable of providing the cleanest, safest drinking water straight from the tap.

Coldstream filters and purifiers are made at our state-of-the-art UK manufacturing facility using our unique ceramic injection moulding technology. Our business is environmentally powered by energy generated from wind power and solar panels.

We remove pollution, we don’t create it.


Ceramic Cartridge Water Filter Element Testing and Verification

To ensure our products meet the highest standards, stringent testing and quality control procedures are followed throughout the manufacturing process.

Performance is regularly tested and verified to the applicable standards for point-of-use drinking water filters and purifiers by an independent, third party test laboratory, where effluent water is tested to guarantee that all contaminants have been removed.


Ceramic Cartridge Water Filter Element – Max. Model: S10-CS-Max

This filter will NOT fit our Stainless Steel Countertop or Undercounter systems.  It is compatible with our blue plastic undercounter system.

The Coldstream MAX ceramic water purifier provides the ultimate in protection against water pollutants, waterborne viruses and delivers great tasting water too – it is made up of three key components.

  1. The carbon inner core protects against chemical contamination, including pesticides and herbicides.
  2. Surrounding this is our unique ceramic outer layer giving maximum anti-bacterial protection and the removal of particles and microplastics.
  3. Finally, we add a duck egg blue ceramic outer layer containing antimicrobial properties, which helps to eradicate any waterborne viruses, providing maximum protection against all water pollutants.

Please see our performance data sheets for details of all the contaminants that are removed including PFAS.


  • For great tasting, safe drinking water
  • Healthy salts and electrolytes stay in the water
  • Maximum protection against water pollutants
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • No power required
  • Removed PFAS