Coldstream Made in UK Water Filters:
HIGH PERFORMANCE, AFFORDABLE Coldstream® Ceramic Water Filters (UK) in Singapore

Coldstream® researches, develops and manufactures a range of high performance yet affordable ceramic made in UK water filters and purifiers. Since 2014 Coldstream® has sold water filters around the world helping to deliver healthy, safe and great tasting drinking water straight from your tap, whatever the condition of the water supply system and infrastructure. 

Coldstream made in uk water filters Singapore

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but essential salts and electrolytes are maintained.

Cleaning your Max Purifier

Coldstream® Zero-carbon Manufacturing

Our ceramic filtration units are environmentally friendly and benefit from an exceptionally low carbon footprint. Our factory is powered entirely by green energy, making use of our own solar farm and wind turbine. We constantly strive to make our manufacturing techniques as energy efficient as possible.

Coldstream Water Filters Singapore is the official distributor of Coldstream Filters based in UK. All our products come with a 1 year Warranty.

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