Arkwater provides a 1-Year limited warranty against manufacturing defects under normal use from the date of purchase. This warranty is valid only in respect of Coldstream products purchased through Arkwater’s authorised distributors with supporting proof of purchase documents. You are required to keep the original sales receipt as proof of purchase to be eligible for our warranty and customer services in Singapore.

Our warranty is also provided directly to our authorised overseas distributors. For purchases outside of Singapore, please approach your respective point-of-contact for customer service and support.

Warranty Registration Form

Kindly fill in the form below for warranty registration of your Coldstream products purchase.

ARKWATER (Singapore Official and Exclusive Distributor of Coldstream Products) TERMS OF WARRANTY

  1. This Warranty applies only to Arkwater Products purchased through Arkwater and its authorised distributors.
  1. This Warranty is subject to Arkwater’s satisfactory receipt of your proof of purchase from Arkwater and its authorised distributors.
  1. Arkwater’s Products have a limited warranty against manufacturing defects under normal use during the warranty period from date of purchase.
  1. This Warranty is not valid and does not apply under any of the following conditions:
    • Damage, defect, deterioration or malfunction resulting from accident, misuse, mishandling (e.g. scratches, dented, dropped), alteration, tampering, modification, improper installation by non-Arkwater contractors, neglect, abuse, fire, lighting or other acts of nature, or failure to follow operating instructions
    • Normal wear and tear or corrosion, fungus, rust or stains, that are due to normal customer use
  1. This Warranty does not include the following:
    • General maintenance, routine services or onsite services, cleaning, maintenance, delivery, handling and transport charges.
    • This Warranty is valid in the Republic of Singapore only
  1. Arkwater’s decision in relation to complaints or allegations of defects either by workmanship or materials shall be final and conclusive. Arkwater reserves the sole right and discretion to either repair or replace a defective Product with new, reconditioned or refurbished equivalent, or to refund the purchase price (partially or in full) as full discharge of all its liabilities.  Save as expressly provided under statute, under no circumstances does this Warranty cover special, indirect or consequential damages.  Any Product or defective part/s replaced by Arkwater shall become the property of Arkwater.
  1. Transport charges are payable if you require Arkwater to perform any servicing or repairs on-site.
  1. Arkwater may not be able to attend to Products installed at locations it deems inaccessible or unsafe.
  1. Warranty services are limited only to mainland Singapore and Sentosa, and do not extend to other offshore islands of Singapore or ship, boat or vessel.
    For areas other than mainland Singapore and Sentosa, additional transport costs are chargeable.  Arkwater’s authorised distributors located overseas from Singapore are subject to limited overseas warranty.  This covers manufacturing defects, subject to the conditions above.
  1. Personal information that you provide to Arkwater for the purpose of Product registration and this Warranty will be subject to Arkwater’s Privacy Policy. Arkwater will use or disclose your personal information to authorised third parties for the purposes of servicing this Warranty in accordance with Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act.